Amazon Ads For Book Promotion

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You have written a book. You have a blog to promote your book. You’re on social media. But you can’t seem to rank high enough in Amazon search results to get your book noticed by readers. Amazon Ads is what you need.

What is Amazon Ads?

I will set up powerful Amazon ads for your book so you can finally start generating the sales and reviews that your work deserves, on autopilot!

We have been doing Amazon book ads for my author clients since 2019, and We have worked with hundreds of authors. I do handpick keywords and competitors selection to make sure you don’t waste your money. My focus with Amazon ads is always to get more sales fast, whiling keeping ACOS lower.

You can start running your book adverting campaign with small daily ads spend budget as $5. You will start to see results from your first week of advertising.

Please contact me if you have any questions and read my FAQ below to learn more.

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