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We are here to help you set up your book listing on Amazon for success. We have been helping authors self-publishing their books on Amazon using Amazon KDP since 2019. You won’t be disappointed.


Is your book ready for publishing? Have you got book cover design and formatted book manuscript? Look no future, we got you covered when it comes to professionally publishing ebooks and print books on Amazon. To insure your book has better visibility, discoverability, SEO, legal compliance and much more. We provide you with advice and support in helping your book is crafted perfectly.

We have years of experience publishing books on Amazon. We started helping authors like you self-publish their book on Amazon, worry free. The following are what we can do to set your book for success:

  1. Setup Book (Ebook and Print Book) Listing on Amazon through Amazon KDP
  2. Book description formatting
  3. Best categories selection for your book
  4. Keywords for SEO
  5. File conversion for Kindle Publishing
  6. Uploading Files to Amazon KDP
  7. Setup Author Profile Page on Amazon
  • This service doesn’t cover book formatting, book cover design, writing book description and the cost of ISBN. You will have to provide all this information. Also, you will have to provide us your Amazon KDP account login information.
  • If your book cover design or manuscript file need modification to publish, then service cost will be higher. Please send us your book file and cover design to get a final quote for our service.

2 reviews for Amazon Book Publishing Service

  1. Omer

    I was not aware of print on demand service. My plan was to publish my book locally. Now, my book is published globally, printing and shipping is taken care of by Amazon. Thank you for your support

  2. Bappi

    Best in class, got my book on Amazon website worldwide within 2 days.

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